For the first time, a retro soccer shirt provides an interactive experience! This particularity was recognized at the Lusófonos Creativity Awards, an international creativity festival located in Portugal dedicated to reward advertising and communication markets of Portuguese-speaking countries.
In addiction to the care in the execution of the retro shirt that intended to honor the former Sporting player Hector Yazalde, approaching mesh characteristics, colors and other finishes reminding the shirts of the 70's, a recent technology allowing an innovative interaction between the retro shirt and supporters was adopted in this process.

The use of this type of technology in merchandising elements was a novelty until then never used allowing users to interact and access exclusive contents and shares on social networks. In this specific case the interactive experience means the access to a video where Yazalde scores while wearing a shirt that inspired this homage. This particularity turns it into a Smart Shirt and means the access to the world of Wearable Electronics.


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